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Art Psychotherapy for Emotional Well Being

Art Therapists help to support a person to use art materials for self-expression and reflection. Art Therapy is not about being good at art, you don't need any previous experience in art to participate in Art Therapy. The purpose is to facilitate change and growth in a safe environment. It allows for a process of healing to take place through emotional expression. Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses visual art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, visual art journaling and many more. It is suitable for anyone and can benefit individuals who are experiencing a range of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical difficulties.

It is about discovering the self, who you are and healing the wounds from the past. 

Making Paper Craft Art


Daniélle Devin

I completed my training as an Art Psychotherapist in Scotland and I am based in North Ayrshire.

I have experience working across the board with children, young people and adults in many different settings. I support individuals to explore, express and make sense of themselves and of their experiences. 



Individual Art Therapy

Individual Art Therapy consists of the therapist and individual working together to help improve emotional well being.  Deciding to embark on a therapeutic journey isn't always about having something 'wrong' with you to be able to attend. It can also work as a guiding light throughout your lifes ups and downs and twists and turns. Having a therapist in your life can help you to better understand yourself, what influences your decisions and how to create change from the inside out.


Dyadic Art Therapy

Dyadic parent-child art therapy is a joined-up way of working that focuses on developing the relationship between a child and a particular caregiver or caregivers.



I offer online clinical supervision to fully qualified practitioners. My approach is flexible and mainly informed by psychodynamic psychotherapy.   

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