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Online Individual Art Therapy

What is Online Art Therapy?

Online Art Therapy is conducted virtually via Zoom. The process is very similar to in person Art therapy. you will still make artwork during the session with the support of the therapist on the other end of the virtual call. For Online Art therapy to work best, you will need to have a quiet, private, safe space without disturbances to host the session from. The therapeutic process is still the same as in person therapy.   


Online Art therapy offers you the flexibility to access a therapy service which might otherwise not have been accessible to you. 

Individual Art Therapy consists of the therapist and individual working together to help improve emotional well being.  Deciding to embark on a therapeutic journey isn't always about having something 'wrong' with you to be able to attend. It can also work as a guiding light throughout your life ups and downs and twists and turns. Having a therapist in your life can help you to better understand yourself, what influences your decisions and how to create change from the inside out.

I run an online private practice offering individual sessions. Sessions usually last 1 hour and the frequency can be tailored to suit your own needs. If this sounds like something that could help you I'd love to chat

more about this with you.

You can get me through my contact me page.


What is Dyadic Art Therapy?

Dyadic parent-child art therapy is a joined-up way of working that focuses on developing the
relationship between a child and a particular caregiver or caregivers. The Art Therapist works
with the child and parent/carer together in therapy at least some of the time. The composition
of the Dyad will vary depending on different family structures.

Dyadic art therapy can be useful:

  • To observe, strengthen and work within the relationship between main caregiver and child 

  • To facilitate joined up creative and playful activities between child and caregiver

  • To improve bonding and attachment

  • To facilitate reflective discussion between child and caregiver

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the childs needs and what their behaviour may be communicating 


I run an online private practice offering Dyadic sessions. If this sounds like something that could help you and your family then I'd love to chat more about it with you.

You can get me through my contact me page.


Clinical Supervision

I offer online clinical supervision to fully qualified practitioners. My approach is flexible and mainly informed by psychodynamic psychotherapy.   

If you are seeking clinical supervision please get in touch to find out how I can best support you.

You can get me through my contact me page.


Online Individual Art Therapy Sessions

1 hour sessions



Art Therapy/Therapy Students


Clinical Supervision

Individual 1 hour session: £65

Individual 1.5 hour session: £75

Individual student 1 hour session: £55

Contact me for prices for Dyadic Art Therapy 

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